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Az Agr. Poderi del Todero
di Freschi Maurizio
Via Todaro, 63 - 31047 - Levada Ponte di Piave - Tv - Italy
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The Area

The terroir encompasses two soil types: one is mostly clayey-calcareous in nature, making it more suited to Bordeaux-style reds, whereas the other is predominantly clayey-silty, with the presence of sand and limestone, referred to as “caranto”. This local word, which derives from the late Latin term caris, meaning “stone”, refers to a typical paleosol of the Venetian plain – one that stands out for its small calcareous nodules; this latter soil type is more suited to white wines and to Raboso Piave.

Most of the surface area under vine has been renewed with very dense planting patterns, with up to 5000 plants per hectare trained using the Guyot or spurred cordon method, depending on the variety being cultivated.

Particular care is lavished upon the cultivation techniques: minimal, well-balanced fertilising; active pruning with the selection of just a few buds per vine; topping of the green shoots, and defoliation to promote the sun exposure of the bunches.

This painstaking approach guarantees the optimum maturation of the grape, which then succeeds in producing very high-quality results.